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Chemotherapy didn't work, now what?

In a world where conventional chemotherapy is pushed and suggested as a patient's only hope what do you do when it's unsuccessful? Most oncologists will tell you that's the only option. New Hope has created a tumor targeted immunotherapy that attacks very advanced tumors deemed untreatable by traditional care practices. This profound medical advancement is called Conexus™.

New Thinking. New Therapy

Conexus uses patented autologous (from one's own body) anti-cancer vaccines to help minimize secondary tumors from metastasizing, it fires at primary tumors with sniper-like accuracy to keep them from coming back. New Hope goes beyond the conventional treatment norms. What makes us unique is that we have the ability to utilize the latest in medical advancements as well as treat with precision medicine.

No two human beings are identical so why treat their cancer that way? Our treatment style is personalized and our motto is to minimize harm and pain on our patients. With our facility being outside of the United States our medicine cabinet has no boundaries. Over thousands of patients have come to our company looking for personalized medicine supported by the latest medical technology.

Our typical patients are alternative medicine seekers, ones who failed conventional means of treatment (rounds of chemotherapy or radiation), or no option patients with inoperable tumors. Pharmaceutical companies don't dictate how we treat our patients. At New Hope, we believe every patient's life is precious and our duty as physicians is to provide patientcentric medicine for each human life we treat.

Conexus is a new treatment that has been successfully used for years and is ONLY offered at New Hope and Integrative Cancer Centers of America. This tumor targeted immunotherapy is a revolutionary cancer treatment for no-option patients.

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