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Conexus is a personalized, minimally invasive tumor targeted immunotherapy for the treatment of most advanced solid cancer tumors. Conexus destroys the environmental condition for tumor cell growth during the inflammation stage. This ability to corrode, destroy and starve the tumor mass is due to an inflammatory response induced by coagulation or interaction with the malignant cells and extremely high concentration of the cytotoxic drugs injected locally.

Conexus is a unique tumor targeted infiltration of specific tumoric antigenic agents and specific instigating cytokine treatment that combine five FDA approved medicines and compounds with a new indication, directed towards the treatment of all stage solid cancer tumors. It is water-soluble and infused under high pressure, so the blended compound can penetrate the entire tumor and its tumor cells for up to 20 days, not one or two days as occurs in conventional therapy. This oxidant effectively coagulates the tumor mass by disturbing micro blood vessels throughout the tumor, ultimately leading to a higher concentration of injected drugs within the now coagulated tumor. This coagulation effectively changes the extracellular matrix by altering biochemical components, e.g. collagen, reticular fibers and other large molecules, which when combined bring about a soft, semisolid state tumor.

When multiple autologous tumor antigens are released from the coagulated tumor, cell death can become a "priming" event for T cell response, which then induces potent immunity within the patient's entire body. These cell deaths are called a "good death" and elicit a weak immune response as an in-vivo self-vaccination promoted by the immunologic modulator, causing modified cell debris or matrixes with tumor antigens to become a new complex, more specific to the host immune system.

Another unique feature of Conexus is its ability to eliminate the need to use any of the current cancer treatment protocols (e.g. surgery, radiation and/or conventional chemotherapy) in exchange for a minimally invasive procedure with no side effects. Conexus offers patients significant reductions in the amount of chemo medicine required and the corresponding reduction in overall treatment costs. Moreover, by targeting deadly tumor cells only, crucial healthy cells maintain a degree functionality and typically offer the patient:

No Fatigue

No Pain

No Mouth Sores

No Diarrhea

No Nausea/Vomiting

No Constipation

No Blood Disorders

No Nervousness

No Hair Loss

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