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Stage 4 Cancer

Hearing, "you have breast cancer" is devastating but what about when you hear, "your cancer has spread". Our stage 4 patients are fed up with conventional western medicine. The system has failed them. They are ready for something different, something that'll make a difference. A successful alternative to what they've done in the past since they lost their battle with conventional western medicine. To our stage 4 cancer patient's now is not time to lose hope! Our mission is to find the most aggressive and effective treatment plan to give you your life back.

Late Stage CancerMany times, this aggressive cancer becomes more complex, it often involves major organs such as the liver, lung and brain. However, stage 4 is no longer a death sentence at New Hope. With our tumor targeted immunotherapy we can now treat multiple sites without weakening a patient's entire body. New Hope injects a life-saving combination of medicines that strengthen the immune system and enables your body to recognize and target cancer cells and destroy them. This integrative approach to alternative care is revolutionizing the practice of cancer treatment through immunotherapy techniques. More importantly, it's giving our patients hope. It's allowing them to look beyond today and realize a promising future lies in store for them.

What makes New Hope so unique is that we offer an innovative, safe, and comprehensive approach to destroying the tumor mass and effectively treating multiple cancerous sites. It's called Conexus, and this type of medicine employs the best of personalized and targeted cancer technologies from around the world.

At New Hope, we use an approach that employs a sustained immune therapy drug release protocol through a typical series of four injections directly into the tumor, achieving full coagulation and efficacy within a single tumor mass. This blocks blood flow within the tumor, thus encapsulating the injected compounds at high-concentrations for extended days, rather than conventional drug delivery throughout the whole body. Leaving your body's natural defenses to successfully fight with you against this battle.

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